Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thankful on Tuesday

I'm feeling very thankful today, so I thought I'd do a "Thankful on Tuesday" post. I know lots of bloggers do "Thankful on Thursday", but I may not get to post this Thursday, so here goes.

I'm thankful that:
1) I've finally found a medical professional who seems to be helping with my fibromyalgia.
2) My ILs (in-laws) are paying for part of my treatment and also my re-certification classes for teaching (grad classes are so freaking expensive).
3) Matt and I have grown closer over the past few days and hopefully it will continue.
4) Audrey has behaved so well in the past few days.
5) Audrey slept until 9:00 this morning!!!

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This pic isn't from today, but isn't it adorable? Yes, I'm a diva and wear a sleep mask. Not really, but my eyes are extremely sensitive to light. And PLEASE don't leave me nasty comments about bed-sharing because you don't know the circumstances, k? Thanks.

Anyway, I guess I can mention that we're leaving for the beach tomorrow. I can't wait!! It will be Audrey's first trip. And if any psychos are reading this, know where I live, and think you're going to break in...I wouldn't. My brother is house-sitting and is a self-professed redneck, and he won't hesitate to shoot you. You have been forewarned.

I may get to blog on vacation, maybe not, we'll see. If not, have a great week, everyone!


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