Friday, June 11, 2010

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Our first day at the beach rocked! The place we're staying is absolutely beautiful, a little villa set back from the beach about 1000 feet. The screened-in back porch is on the edge of a pond, with mallards and turtles swimming around, enjoying that they're lucky enough to be living in such an awesome place. The pleasure is definitely apparently on their faces, I'm sure, even though I haven't personally seen them yet. (Seems weird to refer to ducks and turtles having faces, but what else would you call them?). Audrey, Matt, and MIL went out to see them this morning. I'm in considerable pain from trekking around the beach yesterday, so I've been icing my body, doing yoga stretches, and basically taking a much-needed rest this morning.

Last night, FIL (father-in-law) took some pics of the three of us on the beach, near sunset. I know, I'm a dork and coordinated our outfits. Check it out above. Love all the pics, but I really want to blow this one up and hang it in our den, which has one painfully bare wall. There's absolutely NOTHING on that wall. That's going to change when we get home, though!

So, we're going to try the pool for the first time with Audrey today and see how she likes it. My guess is that the water is nowhere near as warm as her bathwater, so I'm not sure how she's going to react. We have a baby float with a canopy for her, and I'll be slathering her with sunscreen again today. I am determined to protect her skin, because I have had some serious burns, especially when I was little.

I don't blame my parents, because they certainly didn't know as much about skin protection back then. But I had some burns that caused blisters and vomiting, which can't be good for anybody. I also had some self-inflicted burns as a teenager, when my friend and I (who's just as pale as I am) decided to lie on a silver reflecting mat in her backyard. Anyone remember those? Let's just say this...thank God it was summer and we didn't have to be anywhere, really, because our friends would have been merciless in their taunting.

I'll update later about Audrey's pool experience, good or bad. If it goes well, I may have some more pics.


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