Sunday, June 27, 2010

Everyone tells you, but still...

So this morning, I got out Audrey's baby book so I could write down a couple of things. Like yesterday, we gave her a sippy cup for the first time (empty) so she could play with it. I read somewhere that's what you should do (I'm a research junkie, by the way). Within a minute of giving her the cup, she put it to her mouth correctly and started to suck. I was blown away by this. Maybe it's normal for babies to do this, but so quickly? Wow, I was just in awe.

Then yesterday, Matt and I took her to Wal Mart. Before we left, I happened to spy the shopping cart cover we got at a shower in her closet. We took it along with us.

::side note:: Matt dropped me off at the door because my FMS has been kicking my butt, so I took the cover in and tried to install it in the cart myself. BIG FAT FAIL!!!

After Matt brought Audrey in and installed the cover correctly (not that I resent him being able to do it the first time he tried, no way), we started rolling her around the store. I wasn't sure how she'd do, because up until now, she's been in the infant carrier or Peg when we go shopping.

But she was a pro. She sat up the whole time, no crying or anything. She even tried to eat my shopping list. And I had used one of those pens that smears when it gets wet, so now it's slightly blurry. Sigh.  But let me tell you, if you don't have one of those shopping cart covers, get one. I think I'll be buying it for baby shower gifts from now on. They rock. The padding is awesome, and it covers the whole seat, so that even germaphobes like me can rest easy.

Oh yeah, and Audrey started to scoot last night. Matt put her at one end of the crib while he was trying to get her to sleep, and she scooted all the way to the other end. Incredible.

My point is, she is doing so many new things each day that I can hardly keep up with it in her baby book. Now I fully understand why second/third/fourth childrens' baby books are usually blank. I know my brother's is. If you're caring for two or more children, you don't have the time to do it, first of all. Secondly, they do something new practically every day, and it's really hard to keep up.

So yeah, I'm not gonna tell you to cherish every moment with your LO (little one) because they grow up so fast, and I hope that I'll never utter those words to a new mom, ever. I've gotten so sick of hearing it.

But they do. And what a fantastic blessing it is to be able to witness it each and every day.


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