Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Three weeks ago, I decided to go to a doctor about my fibro. Of course, I've been to many doctors, but this one is not an MD. I'm so very sick of the doctors who "treat" my fibro. My current one walks in, pushes my pressure points, says, "You're really hurting, huh?" Then she writes a prescription.

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But Dr. P is different; she has a doctorate in microbiology. She's extremely expensive and isn't covered by insurance, but I'm desperate here.

She's a holistic doctor, and she tries to get to the cause of your illness, not just treat the symptoms. So, I'm in the middle of a detox phase, which will last a couple of months.

Dr. P checked my food sensitivities, and I'm now on a restricted diet. I can't have chocolate, coffee, sugar, and wheat. But I am so determined to get better that I'd probably do anything at this point.

She found candida albicans and fungus in my blood. We looked at my blood, and she showed me my red blood cells. They're supposed to be dancing around, but mine were all clumped up and barely moving. I could even see how the fungus was killing my white blood cells (not a pretty sight). I'm anemic, dehydrated, and I have plaque building in my arteries. My blood vessels are thinning, which scared me, since my dad had several brain aneurysms, and my grandmother had several strokes.

There were also things that looked like shards of glass. I can't remember what she said they were (it was a three-hour appointment, and my brain was spinning with all the information). Anyway, Dr. P said those shards of glass are digging into my muscles, which is what causes my pain.

It was very interesting to see what's going on in my blood. And now I'm taking tons of pills every day, like digestive enzymes, and I'm drinking "cocktails" of homeopathic liquids. It requires a lot of discipline. But dare I say it...I'm feeling better. I don't want to jinx it, but there it is.

After this initial phase of detox, Dr. P will work on building my immune system back up, which will mean more pills, and more money. But hey, I might get some of my food back!

Another interesting tidbit is that my neurological functioning is only at 60%, while the average person is performing at 80%. Maybe that explains my fibrofog. Who knows? I'm definitely feeling more clear-headed.

I'm hesitantly hopeful and very glad I finally went to see her. I'm in Stage 3 fibro, which is one step above Stage 4, which basically means you're bedridden. And that CANNOT happen to me.


Brianna said...

Oh my goodness. I'm so glad that you're trying alterntive medicine and actually got to see for yourself what's going on. I'm sorry about the restricted diet but hope it brings you less pain very soon. I can't imagine going through what you have/are. You are one strong woman! Thanks for sharing this process with us. What do you get to have for "treats" with no chocolate/sugar/coffee?

Heather said...

I don't get any treats. So far, I've satisfied my sweet tooth by eating lots of cherries. Hopefully, I'll get coffee back at my next appointment in September, and...dare I hope? chocolate.

Brianna said...

Wow. I hope you can get coffee back too! Every Mama deserves to have some luxuries and treats.

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