Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 21

Random fact about yourself

I have a Masters degree in Elementary Education, even though I never considered teaching elementary school.

How did this happen? Well, I started my Masters in guidance counseling, but the program was over 60 credit hours, as opposed to a "normal" Masters of 30 something hours. I really wanted to be a guidance counselor, but I honestly didn't want to stack more student loans on myself. As it is, I'll probably be paying them off until I'm 90!

I though about getting a Masters in English, since I was only interested in teaching the higher grades. All those classes, however, took place during the day when I was...hello!...working.

I met a guy in one of my classes who talked me into Elementary Ed. We started talking about all the classes I had, and it turned out that I wouldn't have that many more to fulfill the requirements.

It didn't matter to me; I just wanted the Masters for the pay raise. But now I wonder if I'd enjoy teaching elementary school, maybe fourth or fifth grade. I mean, my dream job is staying home with Audrey, but if I got better and absolutely HAD to work (ugh), I think I might like it. At least the kids wouldn't be as bitter and rude as they can be in high school. But no. I can't take all that red tape, ridiculous legislation, and oppressive demands from administration. No thanks.

I didn't think I'd enjoy working with little kids, but I've always adored being around my nieces, and of course I treasure every moment spent with Audrey. Who would have guessed it?


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