Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 20

Favorite spot for date night in your town

Downtown is definitely the hot spot for dating in our town. Main Street is lined with quaint buildings and lush trees decorated with tiny white lights. It’s almost as if you’re in another century, except for the occasional pizza place or taco joint. Most of the buildings are old and have been renovated, and it's very pedestrian-friendly. We even have horse-drawn carriage rides, and I've heard rumors of indoor mini golf, too.

All the high-end restaurants are downtown, there's a gorgeous park with a waterfall and lots of places to bike and walk. Basically, you can find just about anything you want to do there, except for watching a movie. We even have a baseball team downtown. On any given weekend night, the downtown area is packed. If I felt like it, I'd take an entire day and walk around, just exploring.

We rarely go downtown, except for our big date a couple of months ago. We just rarely have date nights, even though our parents would be glad to keep Audrey. I guess we just like to spend our time together as a family, especially when David's in school and not seeing Audrey as much. I know we need to prioritize our dates, though, since it's so important to have time alone. We just hate leaving our little baby girl!

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