Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 25

What can you not live without?

Aside from the obvious, my family, there are three things I couldn't live without right now.

1. Backrests--I have two, one for the car and one for home. This last one is self-inflatable, so I can take it wherever I want. I just roll it up, put it under my arm, and go. Lower back pain has been one of the worst and most lingering parts of this fibro.

2. My massage therapist--She is unbelievably kind and helpful; she's one of the people who pointed me in the direction of Dr. P. She's given me dozens of free massages, advice on nutrition and self-care, and even therapy sessions:) She is a truly good person.

3. My chiropractor--Personality-wise, I could take him or leave him, but he's the only one who's ever been able to truly give me relief from my back pain, if only for a little while. It's not that I don't like him, but he's very young and cocky; when I first called to set up an appointment last year, I asked if he'd had any success treating patients with fibro. He said, "Yeah, I had a lady who could barely get out of bed, and after two sessions, she was up and cleaning the whole house." Yeah, right. I knew that kind of outlandish promise wasn't true, but like I said, he does help.

I guess I could also throw in our most comfortable bed in the world, with the pillow-top mattress. Heavenly.

Oh, and did I mention the dishwasher?


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