Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter rocked!

Easter was great this year. Gracie and Katie's mom allowed them to stay with my brother and parents, even though it was her weekend. The girls wanted to go to church, and her family didn't have anything planned, so it worked out. I wanted to get the three girls together in a good pic with their Easter dresses, but it wasn't happening. Oh well, we managed to get some good shots.

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I'm glad we got a decent one of the three of us, since those are few and far between. And then we have the rest of the family...

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I have a better one of them, where Mom is not ducking under a leaf, but I'm too lazy to download it right now. Actually, I'm sick, so that's my excuse. Note the green camouflage cast on Gracie's arm from the trampoline debacle. She'd planned on getting a blue one, but she got this one to annoy her mother, who wanted something more feminine. Tee hee.

We went to church with my parents, which was a huge deal for Mom because we don't usually go to that church. I haven't been there with any regularity since I was about 16 or so. Needless to say, it made Mom's day that she was able to show off her youngest granddaughter. Audrey did pretty well in the nursery, remarkably, since she usually cries when left with strangers. She did end up sitting in the same lady's lap the entire time, bless her heart.

After church, and picture time, we went to my aunt's for lunch. Katie and I hid eggs for Gracie and Audrey, which was kind of strange since Gracie's older than Katie. Then Katie got really irritable when Gracie helped Audrey find eggs, since it really wasn't a competition. Sigh. As if a 16-month-old could find eggs in a huge yard with so many flowers and plants it looks like a formal garden. Yeah, their yard is outrageous.

The most amazing (and frustrating) thing about this day was that Audrey did not take a nap. ALL DAY. Now, there have been some days lately when she's only taken one, but she's never gone a whole day without a nap. At least she didn't get upset or irritable. She acted as if she'd had two long naps and was in a great mood.

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And I can't believe I haven't blogged about Audrey's first haircut. Isn't she adorable? I'll have to write about that later; it was interesting, to say the least. She doesn't look like a baby anymore, though:(


Brianna said...

I absolutely love that family picture of the three of you. My first thought was "Did I miss a post about Audrey's haircut?" It looks great!

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