Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I had my physical yesterday...yuck. Matt and Audrey both came with me, since the doctor's office is midway between our house and Matt's school. The whole time we were there, all Matt could talk about was having another baby. And let me tell you, that is VERY strange.

I mean, up until a couple of days ago, if someone asked us if we were going to have a second baby, he would immediately say, "Oh no. One is just perfect for us", or something to that effect. Then suddenly, he just changes his mind. He starts talking about the gender-neutral things we have for a baby, where the baby would sleep...well, you get the picture. This was obviously not a passing thought for him.

All I can think is, my health. How in the world would I take care of two children? I'm not too worried about how the pregnancy would go, since I had no fibro symptoms when I was pregnant with Audrey. But seriously? I can barely take Audrey anywhere by myself, and what would happened if I had another?

We talked to the doctor about it, and he said it would be fine, but we should decide soon, since I'm quickly approaching the dreaded 40 in December. He spoke of birth defects, trouble getting pregnant, etc. Which of course I already knew, having researched all that last time.

Ah...but the more Matt talked about it, the more I could picture it. He's even decided when we should get pregnant. It's crazy, and he's crazy. It is fun to think about what a second child would look and act like, though.

Especially when we have this little cutie running around...

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Again, I say the idea is nuts. I think it's normal to want another baby when your first one is turning into more of a little girl than a baby. Right?


Brianna said...

Ooohh!!! Someone's got baby fever! Yes, so very normal to want another baby as your "baby" becomes a big kid. That's some exciting talk :)

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