Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm a petty thief

What a day, and it's not even close to being over. I had a chiropractic appointment this morning, so I decided to go to Target on the way home. Audrey needed some shoes for Easter, and I need some for an upcoming wedding.

Anyhoo, I hardly ever take her out by myself because of my pain, but I thought I could handle it for a little while. Everything went well, and we checked out just in time to get Audrey home for a much-needed nap.

So we get out to the car, and I realize I've locked my keys in there. Crap. And did I mention that it was raining? Yeah. It was.

My mind was spinning, trying to figure out what to do. We had extra keys at home, but David, my parents, and my in-laws are all at least 30 minutes away during the day. I called David, and he said he'd try his brother, who apparently has moved closer to us recently (obviously, I haven't been paying attention, since I didn't know that).

I was thinking, great. He's not the most reliable guy in the world, but he's young, so it comes with the territory. I also taught him when he was in 8th grade (another story for another time), and I guess I sometimes still think of him as a thirteen-year-old. David got him on the phone, though, and he agreed to come.

So all I had to do was wait. I consoled myself with a Starbucks, and Audrey happily used a straw as a teether, since I had (of course) left the diaper bag in the car.

Audrey started to cry and I couldn't get her to stop, so we strolled around the store again. I took her back to the toy section and let her play with this Leap Frog laptop.

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I knew she'd probably like it, since she's fascinated with our laptops and keyboard.

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Yeah, I know, she looks so lady-like in that picture. Well, she grabbed that toy and wouldn't let go. I wasn't about to take it from her, either. No way.

My brother-in-law showed up (my hero today) and we went to the checkout line again. I said to the cashier, "I've already checked out once. Do you want to see the receipt?" She said no, so I put my other purchases up there.

When I got out to the parking lot, I was like OH NO!!! I just stole that laptop, leaptop, whatever the heck it's called. I tried to remember if the cashier scanned it, but nope, that didn't happen, because Audrey was holding on tight.

I know I should have, but I didn't go back in the store. I just couldn't. Audrey had been awake for over 5 hours, and my muscles could barely get me home. But relax...I'm going to pay for it tomorrow. Or just return it, since it's for ages 2+ anyway.

Technically, though, Audrey stole it, so I'm off the hook, right? I better take her with me when I return it, because who could resist this sweet little girl?

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Stephanie said...

It's amazing that no sensors went off when you left the store. I think you're off the hook too :)

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