Thursday, April 21, 2011

TLC, here we come!

One of Audrey's favorite games lately is to bring as many of her toys to me qs she can and pile them in my lap. So, if I'm sitting somewhere for 5 minutes, if she's in the mood to play, I'll soon find ladybugs, butterflies, cars, balls, and stuffed animals on my lap. Apparently, she likes to be covered with these things, too.

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When she brings me something, I always say "Thank you", since I'm trying to teach her manners, doncha' know. So I guess that's the phrase I repeat most during the day. That's better than when I was teaching, when it was, "Sit down, you idiot!" (I kid).

If I don't take whatever she's offering me, she'll try to push it in my lap, or she'll simply stare at me until I take it. I don't care what anyone says, that toddler stare can be scary.

Other games she's enjoying now:
1) putting something on her head, such as her pants, and repeatedly calling it a "hat",
2) getting every single one of the books out of her "book basket" and scattering them all over the house,
3) climbing up on the furniture, and
4) walking around with a wipe, pretending like she's blowing her nose (this comes from having a mommy with terrible allergies).

See, I don't need to watch movies or TV comedies. I've got the best entertainment right here.


Brianna said...

Haha, Griffin loooves to blow his nose too. He always want to take a tissue, then when I tell him to blow, he will blow with his mouth instead of his nose. Kids sure are some good entertainment!

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