Thursday, April 14, 2011

Getting rid of Cousin It

The current debate in our house is whether or not Audrey should get bangs. I've been toying with this idea for a while, but lately, it's gotten to the critical point. See for yourself.

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(By the way, I did not purchase that bib. I don't want my child to become a self-fulfilling prophecy). The above pic shows how her hair is most of the day, when we're at home. It's ridiculous. I can't even see her face because of all that hair. She's starting to look like Cousin It. And every time she eats or drinks milk, it inevitably ends up in her hair. Of course, I don't let her go out in public that way.

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But here's how it goes. As soon as we get somewhere, say Target, I have to get in the backseat and put on her shoes and socks (since she takes them off in the car); then, I slip a barrette in her hair. Generally, when we're out in public, she'll put up with it, but that's mainly because she's so distracted by what's going on. Such as the signs hanging from the ceiling at Target...those are a big hit.

As soon as we put her back in the car seat, though, the barrette comes out. She's going to take it out eventually, anyway, and I don't want her swallowing it. But her hair is driving me mad! Matt doesn't really want to cut it, although he admitted on Saturday that it was driving him a little crazy, too.

So this week, I proposed a daily vote on the issue. Of course, my vote has been bangs every day, but Matt's vote wavers. That's because he doesn't have to put up with it all day!

So, it looks like our little precious will be getting a haircut soon, because we all know that if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. Now we just have to figure out how to keep her from freaking out during the process. She doesn't do too well with strangers, and a stranger coming at her with scissors could equal a major meltdown. I don't know...maybe we should take her to one of those kid salons, where they have all the distractions and toys to keep them occupied. It might cost an arm and leg, but it could be a good initiation haircut for her.


Brianna said...

Griffin takes his shoes and socks off during every car ride too. Silly kids. Good luck with the first haircut if you decide to do it!

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