Thursday, May 5, 2011

Balloons and Jelly Beans

The day before Easter, David and I made the momentous decision to get Audrey's hair cut. It was tough, but since she wouldn't wear a barrette in her hair, what choice did we have? See pics of Cousin It here.

So we took her to a salon that specializes in teenage and children's hair cuts. Great place, with tons of balloons, a chalkboard that almost covered one wall, TV, and lots of other distractions.

This isn't a great pic because of the sun streaming in, but here are David and Audrey right before "the Cut".

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Poor girl didn't know what was about to happen. The girl who cut her hair asked if we wanted her to wash Audrey's hair before the cut. They had seats that lay almost completely flat, so I thought it be would all right. BIG mistake on my part. She started screaming as soon as the girl (also known as The Trooper) laid her down.

So, we tried to calm her down as we headed for the hair cutting station, which had a little yellow car for Audrey to sit in. Adorable. Except Audrey was NOT going to sit down in that thing, I don't care how much coaxing was involved.

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Then the cutting started. It wasn't too bad when The Trooper was cutting the back of her hair.

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But when The Trooper got around to the front, heaven help us. Audrey was crying so much that snot was running down her nose, and I had to keep wiping her face with a Kleenex. I was in tears myself at this point, but trying not to show it to Audrey, who always gets upset when I do.

It was fairly hideous and nerve-wracking for me. And, of course, for her! In this pic, she seems to be thinking, What are you doing to me, Mommy? Kind of in a resigned way.

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The supervisor had to come over and finish Audrey's bangs, since she was moving her head around so much. Since it was her first haircut, it only cost 1 penny, and The Trooper said it was usually a cute pic for the child to put the penny in the penny bank.

Not so much for Audrey, since she wanted to hold on to the penny. That's my girl!

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But it turned out well, and she even smiled at the end. She got a blue balloon, weighted down by a bag of jelly beans, as an extra treat.

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Lord help us when we have to get her bangs trimmed...


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