Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Update on "to bang or not to bang"

In this post, I wrote about whether or not I should get bangs. And what a huge, life-changing decision it is (if you can't sense the irony here, you're probably reading the wrong blog).

And then I realized that I never updated you guys. I told you I'd let you know what I did, how it turned out, etc., but then I left you hanging. Like soap operas do on Fridays, when you have the whole weekend to go before the next episode.

So, my sincerest apologies, and...drum roll please...I got bangs. Yep, ballsy, huh? Here we are (me and my bangs, that is):

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It's not the greatest picture of them, but it's an adorable pic of Audrey, and that's all that matters.

And I really love them. It's nice to have a change from time to time. I'm not sure how some people keep the same hairstyle all the time. Maybe they find something that looks good and then they stick to it, which makes sense. It drives me nuts, though, with myself. But who knows? Maybe I'll be 80, walking around with my cane (full-time, not just when my FMS kicks me hard), a little old lady with gray hair and bangs.

See the positive side in me coming out? I could've said in a wheelchair, right? I'm making progress.


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