Thursday, July 1, 2010

Movie review--Eclipse

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Eclipse spoiler ahead: If you're a Twi-hater or haven't seen Eclipse yet, don't read!

Matt and I went to see Eclipse last night to celebrate his birthday and our anniversary. It was the best movie so far. I've enjoyed all the movies, but that's probably because I'm so in love with the books. Twilight had a tiny budget, so people who criticize it need to keep that in mind. New Moon was vastly better, but Eclipse rocked my socks off.

At first, I questioned Summit's decision to have different directors for each movie in the saga. But now I see that it is essential, since every book is so different. And David Slade did a bang-up job on Eclipse.

The vampires looked great...despite what I read in a review about their contacts being fake-looking. Ridiculous, because they looked fabulous. And Jacob, well...let's just say that every time he came on-screen with his shirt off, the girls in the theater went NUTS. They were actually screaming.

The movie was very fast-paced; I remember when I read Eclipse, it seemed long and drawn-out, though still very good. It's just a long novel. But of course, they can't include everything from the books in the movies, or they'd be 10 hours long.

The CGI was incredible. When Bella was standing by Jacob (in wolf form), it looked real. VERY real. And Kristen Stewart's acting is only getting better and better. She was a bit awkward in Twilight, but now she looks quite comfortable onscreen. I guess she's getting used to all the attention she's gotten since the first movie.

The fight scenes were outstanding, and we got to see more of the Cullens in this movie, which I loved. We saw Esme's fierce side, whereas before, we've only seen her as caring and loving.

So I can't wait for Breaking Dawn. Not sure if it's going to be split into two movies or not, but it probably should be. I'm not even sure when they're starting filming.

But I'm running off right now to find out. Love the Internet!


Jennifer said...

You may or may not know this by now...Breaking Dawn is being made and will be broken (see how I did that? could've used split into 2 parts. Eclipse was awesome. I reread the book so the material/comparison would be fresh. Loved it!

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