Monday, May 23, 2011

This day is...

...rough, to say the least. I was awakened by David around the usual time, just as he was getting ready to leave for work (or so I thought). He said, "Do you know how to work the coffeemaker?"

To be fair, he is not an idiot. My old coffeemaker died on Sunday morning, so my mom brought over an extra one. Since she keeps everything, I figured she might have one.
I said no, I didn't. I mean, I don't know anything that early, not even my shoe size.

Then I heard Audrey. I looked at him, and he said, "I went to close the door to her room and she stood up and said, 'Hey, Daddy'". So she's in the highchair." Aaarrrggghhh.

Two things are going through my head. Number one, I'm not getting any time to myself this morning. I usually get up when David leaves, and I normally have time for a cup of coffee and some time on the Internet before Audrey wakes up.

Number two, THERE'S NO COFFEE. I am not a morning person. To say the least. I really don't want to talk to anyone unless I've had a cup of coffee. Part of it is genetic, since I remember being that way in high school. A big part of it is the fibro, though. People with fibro wake up feeling stiff and sore, and it can last for 1-3 hours or more.

Anyway, even though David was seriously late to work (and a class of high school kids waits for no one), he quickly figured out the coffeemaker and started it for me. You see, he knows me very well.

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Thankfully, Audrey was in a great mood, grinning like the cat who ate the canary because her daddy was home. She's been really good all day. She's such a sweetheart when she wants to be:)

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I've just been feeling awful for the last few days. REALLY awful. I even had to call my mom for help with Audrey yesterday, because I seriously felt like I couldn't move, like I had the flu. I hate having to ask for her help, since she has my nieces every other weekend and works full-time, but I had to. David is going to school full-time for his Masters degree, and he had tons of work to do yesterday.

Thankfully, I'm getting a therapeutic massage tonight. I cannot wait. If I can only find the strength to drive an hour round-trip to get it.


Brianna said...

Sorry to hear you've been feeling so poorly lately. I hope your massage tonight is wonderful!

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