Friday, May 27, 2011

Little Things

I'm just overwhelmed lately by the miracle that is Audrey. She's just unbelievable, and she learns something new every day. Her vocabulary is off the charts. She's such a sweet, giving, loving little girl. I thought I'd list some of the sweet things she's been doing lately.

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That picture is from yesterday, when we spent some time outside in the morning. My in-laws have spent a lot of money and time beautifying our yard, so it's much more pleasant to be outside now. Okay, here's some of the things that have been melting my heart lately.

1. She brings things to me, such as her stuffed animals, and says "Peas" until I take it. If I don't take it, she shoves it at me. I end up covered in stuff. I may have mentioned this one before, but it bears repeating because she's so polite:) She's also started saying "Thanks".

2. Every time we get to a picture of a panda bear in one of her books, she leans over and kisses it. My heart immediately melts...

3. She's obsessed with shoes, especially David's. She brought a pair of his flip-flops to me yesterday. I said, "Honey, please put those in the closet." She immediately turned around and put them in our closet. Oh, how I hope she's so obedient when she gets older!

4. I guess I call her honey a lot because she says it all the time. Now, I don't like to see her upset, but when she's really tired or hurt she'll say, "Honeeeeeey" in a pleading way, like she's begging me to take care of whatever's bothering her. So sweet.

5. She's finally starting to warm up to Papa Jimmy. She sat on his lap last Sunday and he read several books to her. He's not much for reading, which made it all the more adorable.

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6. She said, "Wuv you" the other day. She hasn't said it since, but took my breath away.

7. She gives great kisses. If she's in the mood, we'll ask, "Can Mommy (or Daddy) have a kiss?" She'll lean right over and kiss us on the mouth. Best thing ever.

8. When I get her up in the morning, she usually hugs me really hard. She'll say "Huggy" and pat my back.

9. We've had a case of bottled water next to the kitchen table for the last week. While I'm eating breakfast or lunch, she'll sit on it, just to be close to me. She also admires herself in the stainless steel trash can there, saying, "Baby" while pointing at herself.

10. She dances. I'll put the TV on a channel with music for toddlers, and she'll sway and dance to the music. She's even started saying "Dance" when she wants to listen to that channel.

There are so many more things, but I can't remember it all. I'm just so grateful for this little Bug.


Brianna said...

I am dying for the day that Griffin says that he loves us. I can just imagine how heart-warming those words must be from your sweet baby! You can tell by the things Audrey does that she is such a loved and caring little girl already.

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