Tuesday, June 12, 2012


David is finally home for the summer. What a relief! I was seriously running on empty before his last day, to say the very least.

We went to the beach last week, and it was fun, even though it rained for two days straight. Maybe I'll blog about that in a few separate posts so I can spread them out. I've been hurting for topics lately.

Or maybe it's just all the craziness that's gone on since spring break. David had all these photography commitments (school dances, a wedding, a bridal portrait, not to mention co-chairing the prom), and I had Audrey A LOT by myself. It was really starting to get to me. I was getting depressed and more and more anxious, so the end of the school year couldn't come soon enough.

David was finished with school at the end of May, but it's been busy even since then. I had all these doctor's appointments that week, and then we left for the beach on Saturday. And if you've been on vacation with a toddler (is she still considered a toddler? I don't know), it's not usually a vacation. I mean, you have all the responsibilities of home, except you're living in a place that's not your own.

That's not to say we didn't have a great time, but it's not like trips before Audrey, when David and I could sit on the beach all day and read (me) or listen to music (David).

But we wouldn't trade our little bug for anything, of course. She absolutely loved the beach, just like she has since she was 6 months old.

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This is the fourth time she's been, and we're set to go again later this summer. It feels wonderful to see her enjoying herself so much.


Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful! I know what you mean about vacation not being relaxing with a toddler. Glad you guys had a good time though.

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