Friday, June 22, 2012

Cuts like a knife

I am so over Audrey being sick. This has been really bad, and I'm just glad that David's been here to take care of her. Especially since she's wanted nothing to do with me.

For the last couple of days, she's just wanted her daddy. Which is fine, I get it, even though it hurts. We've been letting her watch as much TV as she wants since she's sick. It's been a great distraction for her. As soon as she's away from the TV, she starts crying because she's been in so much pain. We think she's had a virus, with a terrible headache and stomach ache.

I feel bad that I even care if she wants to be comforted by me. I should be glad that she has someone who can do that for her. But when she's kicking me, or poking me in the eye, or pushing me away from her, it's hard to be mature about it. Last night, she woke up, and David and I both went in there. We were singing to her, and we finally got her back in bed. David said he'd lie on the floor beside her crib, and I said I would, too. She pointed to me and said, "Go to door". I thought I knew what she was talking about, since she's said that before. So I asked her if she wanted me to leave, and she said yes. Ouch.

Then this morning, I asked her to choose what book she wanted to read before her nap. She said she didn't want to nap, and then the arrow to the heart..."I don't like you".  I was steamed. Embarrassingly, I raised my voice and said, "Oh fine, you don't like me? That's just great!" and stormed out of the room.

All I can think of now is when she becomes a teenager, and then it will be more like, "I hate you, Mom."


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