Wednesday, June 20, 2012

About last night...

Audrey's 2-year molars have been giving her fits. They've been hurting, on and off, for months. I noticed that one had broken the skin this week, and the other side is very swollen. I feel so bad for her. And did you know that "2-year" molars can sometimes come in until the age of 5?

Last night, Audrey woke up about 3 am, and she was crying and saying, "Where's my bunny, Mommy? Where's my bunny, Mommy?" over and over again. I went in there, and her bunny was right under one of her other babies. It's very unusual for her to wake up during the night, so I suspected something was wrong. She was also very hot.

Around 5 or 6, I heard her coughing, or what I thought was coughing. Then she started screaming like she hasn't in a long time, like when she used to get her leg caught in the crib slats. I ran in there, and she had thrown up all over the place. This has happened once before, I think, when she actually projectile vomited on the wall.

The thing is...she was more upset about the mess she made than about being sick. It was all over her "big girl" blanket, and she was just freaking out about it. I had to wake David up because I couldn't take care of cleaning up and calming her down.

She hasn't done it again, thank goodness, although she still has a fever. But it concerns me because she gets so upset about messes. I feel like my OCD about cleanliness has rubbed off on her, and that is NOT what I wanted, obviously.

For example, as soon as I took off her dirty pajamas and threw them on the floor, she ran and put them in the hamper. What kid does that when she's sick? If she has a hair on her tray when she's eating (I'm not talking about in her food), she goes nuts.

I'm feeling really guilty right now. I hope I haven't turned her into a mini version of "OCD Heather".

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Yes, she's wearing my socks as mittens in that pic:)


Anonymous said...

Toddlers like routine and freak out when anything is different from the norm. I don't think it's OCD, it's just what they are used to and comfortable with. Griffin always makes sure every door/drawer in our house is shut and will get out of bed to shut them if he notices them open after he's gotten in bed. A little odd, yes, but normal toddler stuff I think.

Anonymous said...

And I hope she's feeling better and you all have a more restful night tonight!

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