Wednesday, November 30, 2011

And...she's sick again

Ugh. Audrey had a cold a couple of weeks ago. I can't remember if I wrote about it, but I was literally blowing her nose every ten minutes for a week. I'm fairly certain I gave it to her, even though it was different for me, since almost losing my voice was my main symptom.

She was better for a week, during which David got sick with the same symptoms as I had. Then yesterday, she spiked a fever of 102.8, which scared the poo out of me. Even though she runs a normal 98.6, I've always been around 97, so a fever that high really scares me.

But she looked so normal yesterday morning.

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I knew she was getting sick on Monday, though. And my first thought was (after feeling really bad for her), Great. Her birthday party is on Satuday, and we'll either have to cancel it, or she will be miserable.

But thankfully, she just has an ear infection. This is only the second one she's ever had, so I'm very grateful for that. The doctor said she should be feeling better by Saturday. So the party is on!


Brianna said...

I don't know how I missed this post last week. How is Audrey feeling? How was the party? Can't wait to see pics!

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