Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween this year

This Halloween was kind of strange. I can only think of a couple of times when I wasn't with my nieces for trick-or-treat or some kind of celebration. Last Sunday, we were all supposed to go to the Trunk or Treat that my parents' church was sponsoring.

I was very excited because I really love Halloween. Not the blood and gore stuff, but I love seeing everyone's costumes, especially now that I have a little one to dress up.

When we got to Mom's last Sunday, Katie was there, but Gracie wasn't. For some reason, she hadn't come. One of Katie's friends from when she was very little came with us, though. They hadn't seen each other in years, but they had the strangest connection back then, and they still do. Not creepy strange, just odd.

At Katie's birthday party when she was about 4, I met this friend, Johnny, for the first time. He gave her a pink heart necklace (which she still treasures) and stayed by her side the entire time. David took a lot of pictures at that party, since Owen was in the hospital with a kidney stone and couldn't come. David put the pics and a song about daddies and daughters on a CD; I know it brought a tear to my eye.

Here's a cute pic of Katie and Johnny right before we left.

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And then one after Katie's wig got itchy, even though I think they're WAY too close (I know, I'm protective).

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But seriously, don't they look like tiny teenagers on their way to prom? Yikes.

Audrey was a little freaked out at Trunk or Treat, but I think she handled it well. There were TONS of people there; it was so far to walk that they were using golf carts to take people back and forth to their cars.

They had lots of blow-up stuff that the kids could bounce on, and Audrey was on a small one with some other toddlers. There was a little girl dressed up like Abby Cadaby, and she was adorable. She was bouncing and laughing, while Audrey just kind of stood off to the side, not wanting to leave us. Just when Audrey was getting comfortable, Abby took a nosedive off the side. It was horrifying, and there were people standing right there who didn't even try to catch her. And David inadvertently caught the whole thing on video! Well, after we determined that Abby was okay, we were done with that.

I was just disappointed. I missed being with the girls. Gracie wasn't there, and Katie spent all her time with Johnny. (When I passed by a huge bouncy castle, I saw the two of them holding hands as they jumped down the slide). Things are changing, and I don't always like change.

But we were blessed to spend time with my mom and our little cheerleader.

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Hugs! Change is tough.

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