Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The weather outside is...really beautiful

Okay, so our tree is up, I've changed my blog other words, I'm prepared for the holiday season. I even have all my winter clothes out, although to be truthful, some are still sitting around in bins. But guess what the temperature will be today? 72! It was yesterday, too. Now, I really don't love cold weather. I like semi-cold weather, where I can be outside with Audrey and not get frostbite. And I know I'll be complaining about the cold later this winter.

But this is ridiculous! It felt like spring yesterday. And it was nice to take Audrey outside, don't get me wrong. She's been cooped up in the house for a while because she was sick. But during the week of Thanksgiving? It just feels strange.

At this point, David will probably be wearing shorts and flip-flops to Thanksgiving dinner. On the bright side, it looks like we've gotten out of having two Thanksgiving meals in one day. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for that. We've done that a couple of times in the past, and it's been a nightmare. By the time we got to the second dinner, we were disgustingly full. And that was before we had Audrey.

David took control yesterday and figured out a way for us to do Thanksgiving with his family tomorrow instead of Thursday. Since they're all in the same school district, everyone has Wednesday off. I'm thrilled! Although this means David won't have Wednesday to cook, but I think he's willing to make that sacrifice.

So come on, weather. Can I at least be able to wear long sleeves on Thanksgiving day?

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But despite it all, I'm so thankful for having a wonderful, healthy child this Thanksgiving.


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