Friday, September 10, 2010

Yay me!

I wrote here about finally getting up the courage to email my local Mom's Club for some info. I NEED to get out of the house, and Audrey needs to be around other kids. Since I've been feeling marginally better, I decided to go to one of their events at the library today.

It was great....but really, really loud! I guess we're used to our quiet little house.

There were about 6 "stations", all with different activities for Reading Readiness (4 yrs. and under). I was afraid Audrey would be too young to enjoy it, but I was wrong. She LOVED it. I only wish I'd brought my camera. I saw another mom with one and mentally smacked myself in the head.

Her favorite station was the music one, which I could have easily guessed. There was a bin with all kinds of musical toys in it, and she was fascinated. I think she would have stayed there the whole time and been perfectly happy. She also liked the one with puzzles, since we don't have any here at home. And no, I'm not quite that's just that I've yet to see a puzzle that didn't have a 1+ age requirement on it. There were some really soft ones, though, ones I've never seen in stores.

My OCD kicked in a bit (okay, A LOT) when Audrey managed to get a couple of things in her mouth. I was watching her like a hawk, knowing that other kids had done the same thing right before her, but I still couldn't prevent it. I would turn my head for a second to talk to another mom, and BAM! Something in her mouth. If she gets sick now, it's totally my fault.

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I'd probably wear one of those if it was socially acceptable. That's why I don't like buffets. And my least favorite part of church? You got it...when people shake hands. Yuck.

I had to let it go, though, since Audrey was having a good time. I know, I know, children are exposed to germs everywhere. And I'm somewhat mollified after reading that there's something in a baby's drool that helps kill germs. But still.

Anyway, I didn't chicken out, and I'm proud of myself for going. I met some nice people, and it was good to get out on such a beautiful day. Even if I did have to wipe Audrey down head-to-toe afterward.


Brianna said...

Way to go! I wish I had a Mom's Club around here that worked with my schedule. I would love to meet some mama friends in real life! Now that you have the first scary one out of the way, the next will be even better for you :)

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