Monday, September 13, 2010

We have a crawler!

Wow. This weekend was a study in contrasts. Saturday was absolute torture, since I had a horrible migraine. It's bad enough having one during the week, since I have to care for Audrey alone, and they really knock me down. I was grateful to have Matt's help, of course, but I feel as if I lost a whole day to the pain and didn't get to enjoy my time with Audrey and Matt. So annoying.

But I have to say...Sunday rocked! We didn't go to church, because the day after a migraine, my head is still very sensitive. It's like the migraine is just lurking in there, waiting to spring out and torture me again. It's the devil. And our church has a fairly loud band, so it was a no-go.

But Audrey crawled!!! I can't believe it. Still can't. I mean, I knew it was coming...all the signs were there, of course. I'm just so glad that Matt was home to see it. I was terrified that he'd be at work the first time she did it, then I'd have to keep it a secret (per his wishes) until he saw it on his own.

As you can see, this child is ready to go!

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Just a few days before crawling
I had bought Audrey a new toy, and I put some of the "linking bugs" out of her reach to see if she would crawl to them (as I've done a million times before with other toys). But she REALLY likes these, so she started lurching toward them. Something told me, This is it. She's going to do it.

So I yelled for Matt, who came running in the bedroom, and she did it! I can't believe how exciting it was, one of the best moments of my life. And bittersweet, too, since my little baby is growing up. She didn't crawl far, or for long, but she definitely crawled. Matt got it on the camcorder, so I have proof that I didn't imagine it.

Oh, Audrey. You're growing up so fast.


Brianna said...

That face says "Look out, here comes trouble!". If she hasn't crawled far yet, she is going to be all over the place in no time. It is so sweet when your baby wants you and can crawl over to you to be picked up!

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