Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm shackled to Audrey

A couple of posts down, you'll see where I wrote about Audrey being so close to crawling. As a result, I am determined not to let her out of my sight until she does. I mean, what if she crawls while I'm gone somewhere? My MIL came over to help with Audrey one day this week, and I really should have left and gotten my allergy shot while she was here. BUT I COULD NOT LEAVE!

I know all you mamas who work outside the home have to deal with this all the time, and I seriously don't know how you do it. I read about some Bumpies whose daycare providers don't tell them when their little one does something for the first time, and I think that's great. That way, it's happening for the first time FOR YOU, and you don't know any differently.

So, this is what Matt has decided he wants, if she starts to crawl while he's at school. He doesn't want me to tell him about it. And I don't blame him. But how can I keep such an exciting thing to myself? No clue.

Of course, this is assuming that Audrey does crawl. She absolutely loves standing up, and she'll hold onto the ottoman and stand for several minutes at a time. It's one of her favorite things to do. See?

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That's me in the background, of course, being the hovering mommy, trying to keep her from falling on her bum. For some reason, she's not a big fan of that. Go figure.

Since she enjoys standing so much, and she can't get the crawling thing down yet, Matt and I are half-expecting her to walk off one day. Just let go of the ottoman and walk.

But I don't think I'm ready for my little girl to be mobile. She'll be 9 months old in 3 days. How did that happen?


Stephanie said...

It pains me to think about missing one of my daughter's firsts. I don't know how women who work do it.

I hope Audrey starts crawling soon! My daughter army crawls and it's the cutest thing ever.

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