Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mother Goose was on the loose today

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Audrey and I went to a program today at the library called "Mother Goose on the Loose". I had no idea what to expect, other than the fact that there would be nursery rhymes. Yes, I'm a rocket scientist.

It was a lot of fun! The woman who presented it was awesome, although she wasn't dressed for the part, as shown above. Can't say I blame her for that, though. She had puppets, and she'd get down on her hands and knees, crawling, and bring the puppet around to each child. And there had to be at least 35 people there. It was packed out!

One of the puppets was some kind of bird, maybe a swan, and the lady brought it right up to Audrey. A lot of the other babies tried to get away from it, giggling, but Audrey just let the puppet "kiss" her on the nose. The lady said, "Oh, we have a brave one here!" She didn't even flinch. It's funny, since you never know how your child is going to respond to something like that.

I think most of the people were regulars (they have it each week), and most of them knew the songs. I felt a little out of it at that point, but it was okay. The lady brought around a drum, and each child (with the parent's help) had to beat out the syllables of his/her name on it. I took Audrey's hand when it was her turn, and she seemed to enjoy it.

Near the end, the lady gave out some transparent "scarves", just little squares of fabric. We played games with those, too. Audrey, however, decided she'd rather chew on hers. Needless to say, her scarf went in the "special bag" when the lady took it up. I can't keep anything out of her mouth these days.

I think we'll go again next week, if I'm not hurting too much from this time. It was a very interactive program...we were swinging the babies all around. We also ran and tiptoed around the circle, so my legs are already hurting. Of course, that could be because I smacked the $hit out of my shins last night on our ottoman. Brilliant, yes? I'll never get used to how clumsy I've become due to FMS. But that's another story, for another day.


Brianna said...

I like the new background! I still think it is so cool that you take Audrey to fun library activities. I feel like we miss out on a lot of fun things like that when I'm working.

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