Friday, August 13, 2010

Dear lady at TCBY,

Thanks a lot for catching me with my pants down, literally, the other day. I was in the restroom, and what did you do? You just came barging in like the troops on D-Day, and I was just standing there with a look of horror on my face. Something like this:
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Yeah, I know I didn't have the door locked. THAT'S BECAUSE THE DOOR LOCK WAS BROKEN. Have you ever heard of knocking before shoving your way into a room where a person is very likely to be naked? If you haven't, you must have been living under a rock somewhere.

And did you apologize? Of course not. I stammered out something like, "Uhhhh..." and you just looked at me, huffed, and left. Are you freaking kidding me? Not even one "Sorry", whether you meant it or not?

I yelled, "Unbelievable!". I didn't meant just flew out of my mouth. I thought, when I come out of the bathroom, you'll apologize, tell me how you should have knocked first. Did you? No, you most certainly did not. You just kept chatting to your friend like nothing ever happened. You never even made eye contact.

You are rude, and I don't like you. Why don't you learn to be polite before going out into public again? I'm sure we'd all appreciate it.

Thanks ever so much, 


ellejaysays said...

Omg! I would have died!! hah.
& yes, seriously rude that she didn't even say sorry.

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