Thursday, January 19, 2012

Funny things Audrey's been doing lately

1. She calls hiccups "pickups".

2. "Magazine" is "mazagine". We don't correct her because it's so darn cute.

3. She lines things up. She has this tiny set of Mickey Mouse books, and she will line them up in a row on the kitchen floor. She has the Leapfrog phonics fridge magnets, which are rounded at the top so they can fit in Scout's doghouse. The other night, Mom put the magnets in alphabetical order. After she was done, Audrey turned around the Z and the N, which Mom had misplaced because she didn't know about the round part.

4. She likes to call airplanes and helicopters "airplane-copters".

5. She's come to know my doctor/health care people's names. When I leave, she'll say the name of the person she thinks I'm going to see. Kind of cute, kind of sad.

6. She likes to poop in private, which is pretty common. But one night, she disappeared into the kitchen, and Mom went to check on her. She had gone in there to poop, and when she saw Mom, she said,"Go back in there!" (talking about the den). Hey, a girl needs her privacy.

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Brianna said...

I love when Griffin mispronounces words and secretly get a little sad when he learns the correct way to say them. Mazagines is way too cute to correct. How are you liking your Keurig? Tried any good flavors I should know about? ;)

Heather said...

I'm loving the Keurig. I haven't ordered my buy two, get two free yet. David bought a couple of boxes of extra bold Kona and Paul Newman's at Target, so I'm working through those. They're a little too bold for me, though. In the variety pack I got with the Keurig, I really liked the Hazelnut.

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