Monday, September 5, 2011

What I'm reading

So, I decided to read Breaking Dawn again, the last novel in the Twilight series. I know some people hate these books, so if that's the case, please stop reading for your own sake.

I've been a Twilight fan since before there was a movie. When I was teaching, my students had silent reading time every day (mandated by the school, but a good thing), and since I had 90 minutes with each class, it was easily doable.

Some students in my Honors English class were reading Twilight. Sometimes, I would walk the aisle during reading time to see what everyone was reading. I liked to be familiar with what they were reading.

I kept seeing this black book, with the enticing picture of white hands cradling an apple.

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I picked the book up several times, but after reading that it was about vampires, I quickly put it down. I don't know what made me finally read it (I think it was because my students kept bugging me about it), but I was hooked from the beginning.

Well, I've read the first three books twice, but I've only reading Breaking Dawn once. I've started it several times, but for some reason, I've gotten bored with it. But now, with the movie coming out in November, I've had extra motivation to re-read it.

And I'm loving it! I could read it all day if I didn't have, you know, a life. There are so many things I've forgotten about the book, really important things. I can't wait for the movie. I've been trying to guess where the cut-off will be for the first installment. And I can't wait to see Bella transformed into a vampire...also, I'm interested to see how they're going to handle the filming of Renesme's rapid growth. This is supposedly a leaked picture of Bella as vampire.

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I am stoked! When this movie comes out, David and I will definitely be having a date night. Grandparents be warned...babysitting is in your future!


Brianna said...

I can't wait! I avoided reading the series until after the first movie came out, then finally gave in. I was hooked right away and read them all in two weeks I think.

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