Friday, September 2, 2011

Hard days

Since the last few days have been very trying (teething, I think), I'm going to list some of the adorable things Audrey's been doing this summer. I keep wanting to write about them, but I forget. So here we are:

1. I may have mentioned this before; I'm not sure. If so, you'll forgive me. I realized a few months ago that one of my favorite words must be "honey". When Audrey started saying it all the time, mimicking me, it was so cute. Lately, she's started saying "No", but not like I thought she would. She says, "Nope, honey."

"Do you want a nap now, Audrey?"
"Nope, honey."

I love it. Except now I'm teaching her to say "No ma'am". I do live in the South, you know. It's part of the code:)

2. Sometimes she'll ask me for a hug. She'll be sitting in her high chair, and she'll say, "Huggie". So I lean over to hug her, sticky fingers and all. How could I not?

3. She has to be wherever I am when I'm the only one at home. Yes, this can definitely have its negative points, for sure. But the other day, we got home and a friend of mine called. I lay down on my bed to talk, and Audrey pulled herself up and laid herself stomach-down right on top of me. She was hugging me and laughing.

4. We've taught her the "God is great" blessing to say before eating. If I forget to say it, she'll reach out her hand and say, "Blessing". And if anyone else is in the house, they have to come over and hold hands with her.

5. After she has a bath, we let her run around naked for a while, "airing her out", so to speak. She's started leaving on her hooded towel and running around the house, the towel flying out behind her like a superhero's cape.

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6. She's started saying "I love you" a lot more lately. She said it over and over at breakfast the other day. Yes, sometimes I instigate it, but so what? Then last night, David mentioned my name, and she said, "Love her".

It helps so much to think of these sweet things when we're currently in teething hell.


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