Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Good news!

I went back to see my homeopathic doctor last Thursday, to see how I'm doing and if any supplements needed to be changed. I also got back a couple of "foods"...COFFEE, DARK CHOCOLATE, and stevia. I was so excited!

When we got home, David made some coffee for me. I couldn't use my normal creamer because of dietary restrictions, so the coffee was...not so good. I was so disappointed. I've been waiting for two months to get it back. Yesterday, though, I made some more and added lots of milk, and it was yummy. I'm trying to be thankful, even though I'm still banned from the wonderful fall coffee concoctions at Starbucks. We're at Target every week, and the signs at Starbucks mock me. But I will be strong.

I was also excited about getting dark chocolate back, but curiously, I haven't had any as of yet. I'm allowed to have one small piece every day, and truthfully, I'm afraid to try it. I think I'm going to go nuts and eat every last one in the bag, because dark chocolate is one of my favorite things.

During this detox, I think my taste buds have changed somewhat. Like I said, my second try at coffee was successful, but I have to say, I'm still loving the green tea. In fact, I just finished my second cup and I haven't had any coffee yet. Weird.

As far as the rest of the appointment, Dr. P says I'm right on schedule for where I should be. We got to see my blood again, and you could see the fungus and yeast die-off in my blood. It was disgusting. I guess I was thinking that the stuff would die off and be eliminated almost immediately. Yep, I was very wrong about that. Since I've had these problems for so many years, it's going to take a while for it to go away. We did see some healthy new red blood cells, which have a kind of halo around them. Very encouraging.

I was a little bummed because I thought my detox would be over, that I'd now be taking supplements that are supposed to "build me up". Though it's true that I'm taking a couple of things for that purpose, I'm still very much in the detox phase. And I'm still in lots of pain sometimes.

However, my blood and urine results are looking good, and things seem to be headed in the right direction. I even got a smiley-face sticker on my lab results (yes, this pleased the teacher in me:)

So I've got to be patient. Which is not, by the way, my strong suit.


Brianna said...

What a great report! I've been thinking about you a lot hoping to hear good news. How long until your next visit? Congrats on the smiley sticker for good progress! :)

Heather said...

Thanks! I've been working hard, that's for sure. My next appointment is the first week of November. Thanks for thinking of me; I've been doing the same for you, wondering when your newest addition is going to show up. Can't wait!

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