Wednesday, February 15, 2012


We had fun making valentines for the grandparents this year. We decided to keep it simple, just to cut out hearts and put stickers all over them. David cut out the hearts, and we just peeled the backs off the stickers and let Audrey place them wherever she wanted.

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Yeah, I definitely live in my robe. Whatever. I'm been sick forever now.

Anyway, we also made one for David on the sly while he was at work. It was so much fun and so simple. Audrey loved it, and so did the grandparents, needless to say.

David and I agreed that we'd keep Valentine's Day simple this year, no gifts, just cards. And that we'd go see a movie soon or go out to eat. Well, David didn't abide by that rule, as you can see.

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He had already given me a single rose on Sunday, which I was perfectly happy with (you can see it to the left of the other flowers in the last pic). He also sent me dark chocolates, which is basically the only sugar I can have, one piece a day (or sometimes two:) So basically, I feel guilty about not getting him anything, but I'm not going to let that keep me from enjoying my gifts!

We bought Audrey three books, and I've read them about a million times since we gave them to her on Sunday. She particularly likes Itsy Bitsy Spider, which contains not only the song, but also an explanation of why Itsy Bitsy is trying to climb the water spout in the first place. It's a great book.

Happy belated Valentine's Day!


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