Thursday, July 12, 2012

5 years!!!

David and I recently celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. Amazing! David really wanted to get out of town for a night, but I was very leery because Audrey's never spent the night with ANYONE. Not even grandparents.

At first, I told him I couldn't do it. There was just no way. But then I realized he'd been planning on it for a long time and that he'd asked my mom months ago to watch Audrey while we were gone. So, I realized how important it was to him, and I gave in. I mean, five years of marriage is a lot to celebrate.

After lots of debate, we decided to go to Atlanta because they have the biggest aquarium in the world...10 million gallons of water. Wow. David and I love aquariums, and we'd never been to Atlanta together before, so we decided to spend one night there. Since we left early one morning and came back right before bedtime the next day, we also didn't have to go a day without seeing Audrey.

As hard as it was to go, as soon as we got there, I was excited. We stayed in an awesome hotel, and when we got there, we both took a long nap. It was heavenly to be between those soft white sheets and blanket. White on calming.

Then we went to dinner.

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That's us before we left. And did I mention how huge this hotel is? We were on the 35th floor. That's right. The place had a restaurant, bar, gift shop, the works. Here's a pic from the bottom floor. There's a huge skylight on top.

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And the aquarium was really amazing. The sea otters were my absolute favorite, but we couldn't get a pic of them because they swam so fast. They're so playful; one was swimming on his back, around and around, with his paw in his mouth. It reminded me of a child sucking on their thumb.

Some of the tanks were giant.

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The lady at the bottom looks miniscule in comparison.

Then, a cool whale shark:
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And another of my faves, poison dart frogs. Unfortunately, they wouldn't cooperate and turn around for the pic. 

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And us as we were leaving. I'm really slouching here, probably because I was so tired.

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We had such a great time that we're hoping to go back in November and take Audrey. She loved the aquarium at Myrtle Beach, so I know she'll be crazy about the one in Atlanta. There's also a children's museum nearby, and she'd love that as well. Great trip!


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Glad you went and enjoyed yourselves. I love the frog pic!

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