Thursday, June 30, 2011

Big Day

Wow, I've not written in a while. Having David home for the summer is great, since we've been able to spend so much time together. Unfortunately, I've had a major flare-up with fibro since our beach trip, along with a couple of migraines that kept me in the bed all day.

So, today is David's birthday and our four-year anniversary! It's so awesome that we can be together today. He turned the big 3-0 this year, which makes me think of (or dread) my 40th in December. But I'd like to stay in denial about that, thankyouverymuch.

We celebrated David's birthday with his parents and brother last night; we went to Arizona's, a place we wouldn't normally go (many $$$$, if you know what I mean). Here we are before we went:

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Audrey was very well-behaved. The waitress gave her two crayons, so she sat there and colored for a while, then she proceeded to stick both crayons in each ear at the same time. She's very talented. Then, one went up her nose.
It was bye-bye crayons after that.

For our anniversary, David gave me a new chain for my diamond heart pendant. That piece of jewelry was the first gift he ever gave me, but a couple of years ago, I broke the chain. We kept meaning to replace it, but it hadn't exactly been at the top of our list of priorities. I'm really excited that I get to wear it again.

This pic doesn't do it justice, but here it is:

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I love it! For his "annibirthday", as we call it, I'm giving him a class in concealed weapons. That's what he wanted, so that's what he's getting.

David's brother is a cook at a really nice restaurant downtown, and he gave us $100 gift certificate for Christmas so we could eat there. I can't believe we haven't used it yet, but now I'm glad, because we're planning to go on Saturday night. Mom and Jimmy will babysit the Bug, and Mom even said we could go to a movie, too! I can't remember the last time we saw a movie in the theater. David really wants to see Hangover II (and I have to admit that I do, too).

Fun plans ahead! I'm crossing my fingers for decent health for at least the next few days.


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