Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This and that

I haven't posted in a while, not since Audrey had that health scare. I've been spending every second paying attention to her, since I'm so thankful that she's okay. I just keep thinking to myself, She could have had cancer, and we could be going to chemotherapy treatments right now. That certainly puts the little inconveniences and problems of the day in perspective.

We found Audrey's Easter dress at Target. It was such a great price, and it's even more beautiful in person. Now we have to find shoes, which I'm definitely not looking forward to.

In the past, we've gotten her one pair of shoes from Stride Rite each season that she basically wears every day. She also has a cheaper pair that she sometimes wears to church. Last spring, we found a beautiful pair of sandals at Stride Rite, and even though I cringed at the price, I knew they would last and go with everything. And they did.

It's different now, though. She's playing outside a lot more, and having just one pair of white sandals is not going to cut it. We don't know what to do. She has very sensitive little feet, but we can hardly buy two or three pairs of shoes at Stride Rite. We'll also need some that she can wear in the water at the beach and the pool this summer.

At least David's spring break is next week, so we'll be able to look around. I can't wait for him to be off!

By the way, I just had to share this picture of Audrey. Recently, she woke up from a nap with her shirt like this:

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I have no idea how that happened.


Brianna said...

Little girl clothes are so cute. My checkbook appreciates that I have boys. You must practice great restraint when shopping for Audrey! That's an adorable pic - someone must have had some time on her hands before falling asleep. Too cute!

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